Sunday, 18 March 2018

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Punch that into your search engine and you may not get what you were expecting, whoever you are.

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“Pink Floyd’s first album, originally released in 1967. It was an incredibly influential album on the rock scene.  The lyrics talk about…”

Blah blah blah.
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Ja, and this is clearly ze best translation we could do, hein?

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“Join and find your match here”

Thinking that match meant 45 minutes each way we took a look, strictly for research purposes.  Nine hours later we concluded that, yes it could involve a change of ends, but…

But all this begs the question, what happens when these pot heads, Vegas high rollers and porn barons stumble across a detailed (some would say worryingly so) account of the fortunes of a 7th tier football team in Kettering, England.

Does this mean we have been overestimating the fan interest in our blog? Probably.
Are we part of classic rock culture?  Doubtful. 

Can we hold a royal flush without the merest facial twitch?  Unlikely.
Is Patgod online dating the way forward?  Um, can we talk privately?     

Have your Golden Card tickets ready

Stratford Town FC (away) - Saturday 17th March 2018

The Richens yellow card was timed at 67 minutes
Prize not yet claimed

Please present your winning ticket to Mick Coe at the next home game

Cold, Cold, Cold

Full marks to everyone – players, officials and spectators – who endured a quite ridiculously chilly afternoon yesterday at sub-zero Stratford. Or as I now think of it, Stalingrad. With virtually no cover and not even a burger van to huddle around, the only consolation was that we weren’t at Latimer Park, where the air temperature would have made this feel positively balmy.

It was interesting to see how our brave boys approached the challenge of performing in these testing conditions.

The Sensible: 10 out of the starting 11, togged up with long sleeved tops, thermals and gloves, and in case things got really cold, notes from their mums.

The Mental:  Obviously part Siberian on his mother’s side, Matty Stevens showed his team mates up for the buttercups they were by toughing it out in short sleeves, limbs like spam, and no doubt after the game demanded to know where his ice bath was.

The Really Quite Cosy, Thanks: Snug as a bug on the bench, Rene sat swaddled in multiple layers, a woolly hat, snood and with his own personal patio heater going full bore. He eventually took the field with what appeared to be an electric blanket under his shirt - either that or this mini winter break has had unfortunate calorific consequences.
Rene prepares to enter the fray

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

It's time to open those wallets again!

You've bought your season ticket.  You've renewed your Trust membership.  You've purchased a car air-freshener.  You've collected all the various paintings of Rockingham Road.  You've chipped in for a Matchball Sponsorship package.  You've helped the sort the pitch fund.  You forked out for a wedge of Bottle and Christmas Draw tickets.  You've even shown the infinite patience required to buy a replica shirt.

And now, just in case there's a few bob left in your pocket, this Friday there's a Race Night at Latimer Park.

Before we all groan, there's more to this event than meets the eye.  It is being jointly hosted and run by The Poppies Trust and Dylan Cecil Memorial Fund,and the proceeds are being split evenly between the two organisations.  The Memorial fund enables deserving families the opportunity of seaside breaks - see here - Dylan Cecil Memorial Fund Facebook Page.

Even the Poppies Trust's share is going to a moderately worthy cause - helping the football club over the gap in finances caused by the recent bad weather. 

Click here to buy horses / jockeys etc.  Poppies Trust Facebook Page

Of course, the main fun to be had from a Race Night is going from being snootily aloof of the proceedings, to giving into the madness of screaming your encouragement at your horse.  A horse that's running on a TV screen.  From a race that might have been run several years ago....

Just for your convenience - the all-important do's and do not's of a Poppies Race Night -

DON'T  -  Don't hang around before betting to see which horse will pay out the most 
- that just looks tacky!

DO  -  Do turn up early enough to get a seat.  Not that you'll be in the seat much.  Not with all the jumping up and down and extolling your horse to greater effort!

DON'T  -  Don't eat a large tea before attending.  Unless you can also also handle the ultimate stodge-fest that is sausage and chips on top of your earlier repast.

DO  -  Pretty much back any horse / jockey / owner that JC is involved in.  
It is as good as money in the bank!

DON'T  -  Don't get too drunk and end up losing your shirt on the Auction Race!

DO  -  De do do do.  De da da da.  

DON'T  -  Don't expect any of these fillies to be in attendance.....

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

How about that Winter / Spring Break, then?

Loitering in the bar at Latimer Park the other day, we overheard one side of a conversation between an un-named, Poppies Board representative and an unknown grandee of the Football Association.  Somehow, we only heard one side of the conversation.  We're not sure exactly how, but we only clearly, caught the voice of the FA's man.

"Hello, is that K*n S*muels, of Kettering Town FC?"

"Mumbled reply"

"Hi K*n.  We're ringing around every club to discuss our proposed mid-Winter break for next season.  As you know, a lot of players in the Premiership are getting increasingly tired, weary and tearful at having to play a couple of games every week over the Christmas period, so we're canvassing opinion about ceasing all football under the FA banner for a fortnight over the Christmas and New Year period."

"I'll give you a f*cking mid-winter break!!!"
"Surprised mumbled reply"

"Well, that's hardly a constructive....."

"More, mumbled rapid responses..."

"We appreciate that at your level that playing games over the Christmas period brings in more supporters and more revenue, and helps you, well, survive, but the Football Association would like you to consider the other side of the argument."

"Mumbled question"

"Basically Alexi Sanchez quite likes popping home to see his mum over Christmas, so it would really help him and others in his position....."

"Sound of an exasperated mumble"

"That's not an especially helpful response Mr S*muels.  Anyway, wouldn't your players like to take Christmas off too?  Perhaps move a few games to the end of February or early March, when the weather is much nicer?

"Abusive, mumbled tirade"

Well, obviously not THIS season.  What with the 19 foot high snow drifts followed by flooded pitches, but, most seasons we could probably get away with it ....."

"More mumbling"

"Would it really make that much difference at your level if your players played 3 or 4 times a week over March and April?  Really?  Consider the bigger picture.  If Eden Hazard or Christian Benteke were forced to play 180 minutes football over a 72 hour period, could you live with yourself?"

"Protracted, seemingly abusive mumbling"

"Mmmm.  Is there anyone else there I can talk to please.....?

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Return of the Beast from the East?

Back in the day at Rockingham Road, when the Tin Hat filled after the change of ends, usually it would not be long before the set list moved on to this little number:

We hate Worcester City

We hate Yeovil too

And Weymouth*

We hate Nuneaton Borough

But Kettering we love you – etc

(* Or was it Enfield?)

All good old adversaries that we liked to sing bad things about, but only in a sort of jokey way. You couldn’t really hate Worcester City, or even Stafford Rangers.

Things changed though with the arrival of noisy upstarts like Woking and Stevenage, who earned their place in an updated version, and we really, truly despised Rushden & Diamonds. In fact, seeing how things turned out for both of us, we probably let them off too lightly.

It was a dysfunctional kind of rivalry.  We had all the history, they had the money. We saw them as a threat to our being, they saw us as a soft target.  We had a metric number of fingers and toes, they were imperial.

Either way, by the time the dust had cleared we were playing at a strange new level populated with unknown opponents. Even the odd club with a name we knew turned out to be an AFC reboot of some kind, and ‘We hate Beaconsfield SYCOB’ fails on so many levels, not least it doesn’t scan.   

So for the past few seasons we have competed without anyone to define ourselves against. No meaningful local derbies. No back stories to add a little spice and no vocal away fans.  In some respects we are better off for it, and can view the fixture list with a detached maturity.  On the other hand, life’s too short not to bear grudges.  

But come what may, next year things will be different. We will either be mixing it at a higher level with some serious opposition, or will again be in the same division as a club from just down the A6. Is it therefore time to pose the question – how do we feel about AFC R&D? On a scale of 1 to 10, are we still the Diamonds haters?  If your old man said be an AFC Diamonds fan, how exactly would you respond?

V1 epitomised all that was wrong about plastic vanity projects and were rightfully loathed far and wide. AFC, however, have gone about things differently: fan owned, living within their means, working their way up on their own merits. I bet they’re even eco-friendly. How dare they be so inoffensive! 
The visceral disgust we felt at the very concept of V1 is something that may never be repeated.  You had to be there at a time when they were picking off our few good players, leeching away floating fans, paying relative mega bucks for big ugly bastards who always scored against us, and fawned over every week in OUR local paper by a cringing journo. 

The modern day Poppy will have to make the best of the situation. Any if anyone is short of inspiration, just remember this. 
As bad as it gets

Friday, 2 March 2018

How's this weekend's fixture looking.....?

Thanks love, but I think we're OK.