Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Fixtures are out! Woo Hoo!

We can now bask in the full glow of this coming season's fixtures.  It may be difficult, under the baking mid-July sun, to ponder a rain-effected early 2017, but ponder it we must.

Hopefully the work carried out on the Latimer Park pitch will help us actually play some home fixtures during the Winter, but, just in case it is "business as usual" in Burton, please see below our amended fixture list.

The Poppies, so often at the forefront of developments
in football have, in recent years, instigated a one-team mid-winter break

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Can this week get any more depressing?

Last weekend

We left the EU thanks to a combination of political lies (well, obviously not ALL the £350 million will go to the NHS.....) and pent-up, genteel racism.

This week

The national football team meekly surrendered to a country that hadn't seen grass until a fortnight ago.

This weekend

I turn 50.

Can anyone match this?  Would they want to?

Woy's Viking Funeral

Hard as it is to swallow, we fell just short of Euro glory. Two weeks and three rounds short, but let’s not dwell on that.  There were many positives to come out of this campaign:

·        Leo the England lion enjoyed his many photo opportunities and is now attracting interest from numerous charity shops.

·        Joe Hart clearly knows all the words to the national anthem.  I haven’t seen such a lung bursting delivery since that Italian tenor at the Walkers.

·         Ray Lewington had a lovely boat trip in Paris with Roy. It was Ray’s first visit to the French capital, so understandably this took precedence over a scouting trip to watch our next opponents.

·        Harry Kane is clearly getting his eye in.  By the end of last night’s game, he was only missing the target by 10 yards.

·       In the pressure cooker atmosphere of international football, Roy was able to compose a lengthy resignation statement within minutes of the final whistle.

Now we have to put away our England flags and beanie hats for another 2 (possibly 4, maybe 6 to 10) years and get behind someone else. Many will plump for Wales but I prefer Iceland.  Tenacious, fearless, well organised and incisive. Just four of the minor adjustments that it would be nice to see in future England displays.

Roy and Ray's next boat trip 

Monday, 27 June 2016

I don't pay my Council Tax for this......

I'd be bloody annoyed if the bill for this work ended anywhere other than on the "Welcome" Mat at Ben Pickering Ltd!

Council clear Rocky Road trees

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Euro Update

I’d just like to clarify something I said earlier. By stating that England were not about to blow a really easy potential draw, I meant of course that England were about to blow a really easy potential draw. 

Now, while Wales face a winnable looking tie against possibly Albania or failing that Gibraltar, our path to the final is looking a little more challenging. Get past the Group F runners up and we are likely to face France, followed by Germany. Which will make it all the more satisfying!
Thankfully at Patgod we prepare for every eventuality, so here’s our handy guide to England’s next opponents.  Whoever they are.

Portugal – easy, all we have to do is stop Ronaldo. Stealing the dressing room mirror should do it.

Hungary – bit useful once, but not since colour television was invented. Glad to have got this far. Providing we don’t rest 8 players this time, we should be ok.

Austria – mini me Germany. Vardy v Fuchs?  Just imagine the headlines if we f-  er I mean mess up.

Iceland – a nation the size of Coventry, but being a grey lump of volcanic rock, with slightly better scenery. Likely to play out of their skins to prolong not having to return to Iceland. But avoid complacency and we’ll be fine.  So it’s touch and go then.   

See you in the quarters!

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Sign and be Damned!

It probably won't do much good, except to show our beloved Councillors we still exist, but it would be nice to shove a few thousand signatures down the throats of people who wield power based on securing barely a few hundred votes.

How do you solve a problem like the Pickerings?

It is difficult to know exactly what Ben Pickering Ltd want with from Rockingham Road.

Other than a time machine to go back to a point when builders paid astronomical sums for any plot of land, of course.  Sorry chaps.  2007 isn't coming back again anytime soon.

With the council authorising wholesale building of cardboard hutches on any field that dares to be in sight of Kettering, builders aren't going to be falling over themselves to "snap-up" barely two acres of artificially leveled, poorly accessed land covered in steel and concrete.  Why should they?  Given they can build almost anywhere these days, why put themselves through all that hassle?

The seemingly moderate bids BP Ltd received when they tried to auction the site off a couple of years ago should have told them all they needed to know about the price of land these days.  Perhaps once upon a time Rockingham Road was worth multi-millions, and the people who owned the stadium were already dreaming about purchasing a small Caribbean island.  Well, tough.  In today's market, the place might just pay for you to buy a static caravan at Mablethorpe.  Provided you don't want a view of the sea....

When Ben purchased Rockingham Road (the biggest own-goal ANY football ever scored) for a figure thought to be no more than 50 grand, he made one of the best investment anyone has ever made.  He made his money back at least 20-30 times over.  Perhaps more.  And he still owned the asset.  Not bad when these days a top ISA will return a profit of 0.000000000000001%.

Without Ben in the picture, the current owners of BP Ltd haven't done quite so well.  They squeezed their golden goose too hard, once too often and encouraged Ladak to seek pastures of a more inbred nature.  So, instead of banking a regular income of £20 of £30K (rather than the 70K they wanted back in the Conference days) per year for the past 5-years they've managed to secure a return of precicely "f*ck-all", if you'll forgive this accountancy term.

So, now what does BP Ltd have?  A site no-one except the Poppies want.  In it's current condition, Rockingham Road is  not especially appealing.  As a cleared site it might be a better bet, but they obviously cannot afford to tear the ground down, or they'd have done it by now.

All BP Ltd have in their favour is a local council that hates Kettering Town FC so much it is happy for them to leave the site to both rot and overgrow, and strangely mute neighbours who don't seem to have complained about the state of the area.  But, if you live adjacent to Rockingham Road and want something done, feel free to contact your council, who have been keen so far to look the other way.

C'mon KBC - get off your f*cking arses!