Monday, 16 October 2017

Well, that didn't take long.....

Making a big, big assumption that we'll get the better of Nantwich tomorrow, the tension barely had chance to build as we drew Stevenage away in the first tie of 40 drawn tonight.

More thoughts.  If we get through tomorrow!

Yes I know.
Westley is no longer Stevenage's Manager.
But he's still a horrible sh*t.

And, there you have it.  The ability of the FA Cup to kick you in the teeth.  Did we deserve to win?  Not really.  Did they?  Again, not really.  They pretty much managed one attempt from open play over two games, but, that's the way football goes sometimes.

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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Spot the Difference

So, what has happened to turn the Poppies from last season's underachievers into this season's, well, overachievers?  Fourteen games all told this season.  Thirteen wins,  It's a record that should garner Marcus the Southern League "Manager of the Month" for August/September.  Unless, of course, the League find some way to hand it to the Hereford Manager because their crowds are so big.  Marcus is doing so well this season that his sacking is called for on KTFC Chat barely more than twice a week.  Praise indeed.

But why?  Why are we doing so much better this season?  Are Solkhon and Mulligan hitting a defensive peak, with an almost telepathic understanding?  Likewise have O'Connor and Howe actually opened a dialogue this season?  Possibly.

Surely the main reason for our resurgence this season is down to one simple fact?  This season we actually have a midfield.

Our midfield for 2015-6 was, er, OK (ish) I suppose.  Sometimes.  Carvalho had some good flashes, and a name that fitted well into a chant.  Kaid Mohammed probably always turned up for training, and looked professional on the bench.  One touch in ten from Liam Canavan was pure class.  Well, perhaps one touch in twenty.  Nathan Hicks was a solid 6 out of 10 every week.  Hornby?  Sulky, and with a fatally heavy touch on the ball, but always had clean boots.

But, compare the above with the 2016-7 vintage.  Michael Richens is a one-man footballing army.  Rhys Hoenes is a whirling dervish of attacking intent.  Ben Milnes a mixture of steel and danger.  Lindon Miekle is class in a glass.

Let's be honest, not only would none of last season's middle of the park displace any of the current shirt-holders, I'm not sure any of them would be allowed to carry their water bottles either.

Last season we let a lot of goals in due to individual errors at the back.  In fact we suffered a hideous rash of inexplicable f*ck-ups in the final third.  Some real jaw-dropping moments of awfulness.  But, the main reason the opposition managed to dip their soldiers into the runny egg of our defence so often was because they had easily strolled through our powder-puff midfield.  Not so this season.

Anyone wanting to try their luck against our mercurial Irish net-minder needs to run the gauntlet of tough Poppies defending from front-to-back.  If Rene Howe doesn't elbow you, Aaron will buzz around your ankles.  If you've still got the ball Hoenes will try to lift it off your toe, or Milnes will pick your pocket.  Failing that, Miekle will run off with ball when you think you're still kicking it.  If all else fails, Richens will kick you up in the air.

If, by some miracle, you've still not been dispossessed, Messrs Berry, Toseland, Solhkon, Mulligan and White still stand between you and trying to score your team's consolation goal.

Have we gone from decided also-rans to serious promotion contenders?  Perhaps it's still too early to say.  But, at the moment, no-one in our division will relish playing us.  And who knows, thirteen wins in the next fourteen games, perhaps a few more of our wavering fans will remember the Poppies are more than just Rockingham Road, and take a punt on the team doing so well at Latimer Park.

If you call yourself a Kettering Town fan, and can physically get yourself to the games you really have no excuse not to.

Feel the love at Latimer Park

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

3 down, 85 to go. Yes, we could do 85 more of these!

Someone who looks more like me than I do,
moves into his well-appointed pad on Bouchard Boulevard.

"What it lacks in space it sure makes up with, er,
ready access to a Bowling Alley.  After all,
I'm living in their carpark"

Thursday, 28 September 2017

(Stewart) Houston, we have a problem

Important and worrying news for any Poppies fans who have 'KTFC - FA Cup leading goalscorers' tattooed on to some part of their body. A combination of Villa being reliably useless and Arsenal deciding to specialise on winning the Cup to earn Wenger another 2 years has seen the Gunners sneak up into second place and closing fast. 

By the start of this season, they had cut our lead to just 7.  For Villa, roughly equivalent to half a decade in the competition, but for Arsenal with their attacking options the sort of deficit they could wipe out with just one easy home draw.  We, on the other hand, have to earn our precious goals the hard way, by going to places like Market Drayton and Romulus.

It feels like a great big honking juggernaut has just appeared in the rear view mirror, rather too close for comfort, driven by an angry looking little French guy who looks like he’s just sucked on a lemon.   
If they keep up their present hot streak, our days of dining out on this unique feat may be numbered which would be a bitter blow.  First the axe falls on Rocky Road and now this. But let’s be positive guys.  It’s still in our own hands.  Get to the Third Round, knock them out and we can rest easy for at least another year! 

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Am I as thick as pig-sh*t? Or does this smell to high-heaven?

So, Harpur Developments Ltd have "purchased" Rockingham Road from Ben Pickering Ltd to build a squillion houses on.

7-days ago Harpur Developments was a new-born company, created FROM Ben Pickering Ltd. who already owned the Rockingham Road site.  Mere days after KBC gave permission to build houses on the site.

I appreciate that we're never going to go back to Rocky Road. but am I the only person who feels that I'm being f*cked over here by people who have already made a fortune out of the supporters of Kettering Town FC, and are about to make a sh*t load more?

I fear these people even sleep well at night. Likewise our valued councillors who, seemingly, exist merely to rubber-stamp developments which allow the idle rich to get richer still.  F*ck the people they are elected to serve.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

New Club logo? 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Makes you wonder.....

.....when one councillor speaks with such eloquence, why the majority of our elected officials are such a bunch of self-satisfied, spinless pr*cks.

Happily screwing over anyone who's not a natural Tory supporter, and block-voting Kettering into slow oblivion while patting themselves forcefully on the back.

Almost enough to make you vote for a Tory....!

Michael Brown - take a bow.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

2 down - 86 to go

Tristram and Quentin (with Liza) are more
than happy with their tiny house on Mark English Drive.

 "We love it.  Really love it.  Just what we wanted.
A kitchen would have been nice, mind.
As would a toilet, and a bedroom or some sort"